About Us

Babes Bar & Grill is located on West Broad Street in Gibbstown New Jersey. Babes began as the dream of brothers Chuck Tortella, Casper Tortella, and their brother-in-law, the late Bill Rodgers. In April of 2007 that dream became a reality when Babes opened its doors to the public.

Babes is more than just a bar or a restaurant, it is a gathering place for friends and family. People come to Babes not only for the food and drink but they come to share stories, celebrate life, and feel at home in the company of one another.

Today Babes, named after family matriarch Angela Tortella, is still family owned and operated by Bill's wife, Danielle along with her brother Chuck Tortella and his wife Cathy.

Sadly one of Babes original founders, Bill Rodgers, passed away in 2008. The picture of Bill (below) hangs in Babes Bar & Grill so that everyone who enters will know how important Babes was to him and how fortunate he was to be able to realize one of his life-long dreams.

Because of his Irish heritage, the late Bill has affectionately become known to many at Babes as Our Favorite Irishman and we continue to hold special events to honor him as we smile and laugh at the memories that have been created by all who come to Babes.

It is our hope that you will add to the smiles, laughter and memories by stopping by Babes Bar & Grill.

Bill Rodgers, "Our Favorite Irishman"